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Lic. #768702-A                                                                          California Certified - DBE #34994 - SMBE - SWBE  


Excavation & Grading

At S. Chaves Construction, our skilled excavation and grading workforce can tackle any earthwork project you have.  Our firm is equipped with skid steers, mini-excavators, backhoes, large excavators, loaders, compaction equipment, water trucks and dump trucks.

Asphalt Paving

With our full fleet of paving equipment, we are capable of placing plant-produced hot mix asphalt (HMA) on projects ranging from driveways and bike trails to city streets and Caltrans highways.  We can also install FAA specification asphalt on runways and at military bases.


Underground Utilities

Our experienced crews can install storm drain system, sewer systems, water mains, water services, hydrants, drainage inlets, sewer and water manholes, dry utilities, utility vaults and much more.  Our General Engineering "A" license also allows us to perform both new and live tie-ins to city-owned sewer or water mains.


Let our team of professionals help in asphalt and concrete demolition of old roadways, slabs, foundations and even structures.  Call our office today for more information.

Emergency Response and Repairs

Day or night, S. Chaves Construction takes pride in assisting our community in times of need.  We have been the choice of Caltrans, local cities, and military bases for fire damage repairs, roadway and drainage repairs, slope stabilization and more.  We can also assist homeowners with underground sewer and water line repairs.

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